My Strongest Opponent


Stopping half way across his path I leaned up against his soul and saw the demon taking hold.

He took out his nine inch sword and held to the sky telling me and my wolf, we were about to die.

Death is an affliction he said unto me.

 Seizing his power, this demon tried to cripple me.

I stood silent as he is laughing in his awake.

So I told him my intentions, forcing his strength to become false.

Myself affliction, do not take away the need for desire of love.

Nor it does not penetrate my heart.

We all have something, someone that we love and want to be with.

It’s a natural thing.

We occur by this measurement when we feel out of place.

When we feel crash upon, for hurting someone

When we feel blamed for something we have done wrong.

This need for someone to care, is that really something we can cling on to?

A lot of times we do this for a certain reason,

A reason that if we do not have inside us,

The self image inside are said to be accounted for and sent to hell to burn.

Agreeing to this is foolish,

Agreeing to this is the only choice we think we can hold tightly upon,

You can almost taste the salt that strikes through the air as I say these words.

Is it fair that we care for people who hurt us the most?

The Parent always tell the student: “Life is not fair, deal with it.”

Life is fair when you make the most out of yourself.

Do not drag your feet across the water, you may get ate by the serpents wish to drink you life and suck out your imagination.

Slice their heads off I say they are nothing to be afraid of.

Only babies cry and old people die, but not the wise that we honor with pride.

Turn from your mistakes and take what you have,

Lose yourself and be no one else.

 If I dare smell your weakness, I shall kill you right here and now.

 Do not give that face, show me what you got.

 You and I are kings and kings falter not.

Are you ready to take this crown or, give it to those low lives of thieves who will do anything to drown you out?

You ready, you say?

 Alright, don’t back down now; flank out your blade.

Fight me, and see what I mean.

I promise you shall lose today because I know my pride is stronger than yours.

Elevate to my level and fearlessly fight with the words from your heart.

Flee from it, not even lady mercy will save your soul.

Enough talk lets fight,

 I have challenged you.


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