Her bones have been broken and she crawls, her legs dragging along, erasing the footsteps of yesterdays routine.  Every inch creaks and snaps and in agony, she stays silent.  " I am Lament."  The sadness of yesterday wavers in her face and she and her broken bones fall to the floor.  For her every single second feels like an hour and nothing more.  Everything is so close but so far away, her arms cannot bend being that they are broken at the elbow, at the shoulder.  Her fingers are broken in six places on each and ribs are cracked two of every three.  Her heart does not beat in her chest and the only thing she can really do now is regress.  " I am Pain."


  Her sense of self has been diluted by what she thinks and thought.  But here on this warm floor, her body cold, her hair is taut.  Blood thickens from the wound on the back of her head tightening around her crown and  her thousand strands of weak life sit unmoving.  She imagines a Bed.  A cough and a wad of blood pours from her mouth with a slow moving arm she approaches.  A snap, creak, and gag away from some kind of freedom of yesterday."I am Debile."  


  She attempts to push her weight with her toes.  Her legs are broken at the shin, at the knee.  Every moment is lacking the breath of need.  Her eyes widen with the pain but the silence continues to remain, inch by inch by inch.  The stab wound above her beating flower bleeds and her soul withers.  Her brain slowly synthesizes itself in to something that never should have existed. The sharp pained twist in her wrist marked the life she once lived."I am Decease."


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