Trace the Wind

Wed, 06/18/2014 - 18:27 -- Keace

I trace the wind

It’s path, it takes me

Past the part

Of happy endings

Now I swim

I swim so swiftly

I cry, I try

To hear myself


Can I reclaim my innocence

Can I remove this awareness

Can I forget to remember myself


Oh, the breeze,

I feel it’s ease on

Both my cheeks

It’s overpowering

How can it

Seem so simple

Is life as well

Traceable like the wind


This steam, it fogs

It muddles all my

Thoughts, what

Was I thinking

This Vapor it

Can’t be tamed

It can’t be


It can’t be understood

It won’t be understood

It shan’t be understood



There should be a 'like' button haha, I love all your poems!

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