Try and Remember (Motivational)

Try to remember,
Who I am this time,
Because the next,
Everything will,
Fade away.

What you have now,
It won't last for long.

This accomplishment, 
I will crush it. 

I will win.

There is no stopping,
Once I'm back in the game.
There is no breaking,
Once I've given myself up,
For my team.

We won't break.
We won't stop.
Our enemies,
They will fall down,
One by one,
Until we are the last,

I won't fall apart.

Give me what you got,
All you've got,
So I can crush your hopes,
And let us,
Rise to the top.

Play dirty,
We will fight,
And win.

Play needy,
We will smile,
And push.

Give up,
And we will grin,
As we crush you.

Don't blink,
It will be over,
In a second.

You will miss it. 

Try to remember,
Next time,
Because this time,
It will be your last time,
And we will prevail.

For the fight,
Of your life. 

For the defeat, 
Of your life. 

Try and remember,
Who we are,
Because the next,
We will be gone,
Leaving you behind,
In the dust.

We are hope.
We are friendship.
We are gratitude.
We are companionship.

We are trust.
And we will prevail.


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