Learn, Try, Grow


A bird cannot leave the nest

Without first learning to fly

A parachute without hot air

Will never reach the sky.


A rocket without fuel

Will miss it's chance to meet the moon

A guitare without strings

Will always be out of tune.


A duck will never swim

If doesn't know to try

A flower will never blossom

If no rain falls from the sky.


So like me without my family

Or friends to get me through

College is one big mystery

To which I haven't got a clue.


I cannot grow without learning

Or without making some mistakes

I have to keep on trying

And there are chances I must take.


I may be bad at laundry

Or managing my time

But I know if I don't give up

I think I'll do just fine.


I am finally on my own

and although at times it's scary

I keep on hoping for the best

There's no weight that I can't carry.


I still have so much to learn

And I have a long, long way to come

But as long as I keep working hard

I'll come out stronger when I'm done.


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