Someone told me months ago
“Once you find her, just let her go;
‘cause if you don’t, you will fall to stones
so foolish and shamed, and so damn alone.”
Someone grabbed me by the hand,
said, “Listen closely to me man,
I don’t know you, but I know the truth
love is a game not suited for youth.”
Someone looked me in the eye
and whispered slowly, “Your first goodbye
will take a chunk out of your heart,
leaving it cracked and torn apart.”
Someone sat down and gave me a beer
then said, “Life is a game won by cheating your fears,
but the liars turn golden and the cons turn to doves
when you mention the names of the sweethearts they love.”
Someone cried till the sun fostered night,
sobbing, “Love is a broad with the nastiest bite,
she’ll rip you to shreds, leave you wrecked on the floor,
however with time you’ll be begging for more.”
Someone told me to forget about you
said, “Nobody’s worth the hole you’ll fall through.”
And I listened to someone. And I watched you pass by.
I did not say a word. I did not even try. 


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