Who are you?

Who are we?

A purpose found – found and exploited.

Finding us, no, finding yourself;


Only with the will to try.

The will to look

To see, even when shadows cloud the sun.

Peer through and try

Something new – something different.

Difference and confidence;

Are they not the same?

Write and read

Listen and think

Sigh and sing:

Find something true to you,

A way to discover

Your own opinion.

Your own desire;

An impact upon your soul.

Who you are,

What you are,

Your direction; an inspection

Of where you want to go.

Find a brush

Find a pen

Find a hand

Find a voice,

To paint, 

To write,

To hold,

To speak

Of all the things you cannot seek

But wish to have.

Enlighten yourself to what you enjoy

Or bury yourself;

Bury and destroy

Your heart, your soul

Your happiness; joy

Under another more “deserving”.

Push a hand up to the sky

Rise up

Rise new

See the stars

And reach them one day.

Promises made,

Vows established

With. . . . you. Yourself.

Some may fall

Fall hard

Fall fast;

Enjoy the fall

The fall to the future.

The fall from grace; a guide.

A teacher of discourse,

Instructor in ineptitude.

Learn from your mistakes,

Rectify misdeeds;

Or repeat

And repeat

And repeat,

And repeat.

Fail to improve – do not stop improving,

Experience in disappointment

Begets progression.

Understand why to fall,

Why to return

From discontent



And find rest

In wisdom.

You may destroy yourself.

A crushing fear

Of hopelessness. You’re

Blind to tears though crying mends the soul,

And acquit yourself through fits of rage

To soothe the aching whole – of you.

Consuming and perverting

Your sense of right and wrong.

You cannot hear a word that’s right

And deaf you have become

To sight and sound and progress found,

Your world and fingers numb.

You’re scared to seek

And scared to feel

And scared to be told no.

Afraid of things that come to pass

That haven’t crossed the mind.

Fear not for what you can’t control

Fear not the undecided

Feel free to choose

And free to fail,

And nurse no need to hide it.

It’s time.

Time to stand, 

Stand still and listen;

Deaf no more.

Still and look;

Blind no more.

Still and feel;

Numb no more to try

Though “try not

There is only do”

Decide to find what defines

And delegates the destiny of your


And soul,

And peace of mind

As you, not fail to find,

But in failing,




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