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Bad Guy With a Gun   We have been studying Hamlet, but now I am sitting in a classroom with twenty five seniors in the dark.    
High school good days, snickering in the hall ways, Laughing in the locker room, Bathing in perfume, Running late to class, Just bothering enough to pass, Now on to college days,
My dear brothers and sisters,   A father’s love is like no other. He loves you and he respects you And though you might forget that sometimes,
Dear friends against the people,     I am from the stories of the past Compiled into the present. Chicana they call me.
I used to live in a world of freshly squeezed laundry, Himalayan pink salt on Atlantic salmon, and thermostatic, triple jet showers.   But now I live in a world of re-worn t-shirts, mouldy
I speak for the students or should I say the slaves, Working all the time to impress our parents with grades, And Schools with sports, Teachers with clubs, Colleges with SAT's, Extra curriculars, Majors in particular, Community service, It all mak
The student is where you start.The ultimate level one always in your heart.It is the beginning of all goals.Goals that develop into roles.
Will they ever know how much they mean to me? How even on the hardest days they could make me smile? When I was at my worst when I had no reason to go on, when I was done with the world,
If there was one line in all of hist’ry, But the reason to follow is still quite a myst’ry “Duct tape is silver, but silence is golden” Quote from the tale of the wise and the olden
The students are here. They push and they pull They shove and they scream They cry and howl about silly things   They watch and they listen They hear and they learn They try to do better
Say goodbye to sleep  We fall deeper into stress Take away the pain   
You're sitting on my desk Laughing and joking and talking with those who stand beside the teacher And I would rather be anywhere else Because you are too close, too near, too much for me to handle
to ponder, to wonderto sit quitely,in your too small roomwith soft bodysurrounded by pounds of cold booksto be trapped in a cagemade of broken pencilsand lifeless ink pens
This class is really dumb. Time doesn’t seem to ever pass. But I’m starting to feel numb, to the idiocy of our class. Our teacher’s lessons seem muddled,
I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing, learning But I’ve never enjoyed having to attend school Ever since childhood, school has made me feel…
I've always been reserved.. Never had my voice to be heard.. Keeping my thoughts to myself, afraid of being judged By someone else  But there's always been a fire
How difficult it is to be a student! You always have to read and write, and learn!
Me  :noun   a. family member: 1. a loving sister who talks too much, 2. a devoted daughter who is full of questions;  
I liked learning. I didn't care if it were Math or Science. I didn't care whether it was all about Entrepreneurship. All I wanted to do was put all these informations in my head for future use.
What a nut What a crazy girl She’s lost her mind She is lost She has no guide Her pain suffers
I was teaching a lesson On rhetorical questions   Yes, those filled with aggression Statement suggestion Gut-wrenching expressions   My students blindly wrote the definition
I draw your world,  But you fill it with color.
The world’s progression, scripted by bell, Life decisions are forced to be made.
Speaking for others has never been my style,but I promise you this will be worth your while.
"Patience", she said, As she whispered in my ear. All being's trials start here. She drew me a map And left me alone. "If you want,  come follow me here." With tears in my eyes, 
Before, having an education was a choice, Now education has become a necessity, Without an education,you're just another person in the unemployment line, I don't want to be just another number,
Very often. 
There's so much pressure nowadays On kids and young adults. Pressure to meet every benchmark, And to have X amount of extracurriculars, And to do damn well on the ACT, And to earn X amount of dollars,
Poetry! Oh poetry! Roses are red.  I'm feeling kind of blue.  My teacher says,  "Get out your pencil,
Tick tock the clock strikes the air The time drags on and chimes again I tremble from the stress and my brain begins to ache This time there is no going back no time to escape
We as human beings face troubles. Troubles that were caused by our society. Our sociey puts negative subjects intentionally, and allows US to become influenced by them .
To nurture your minds and adore your thoughts would be my everyday To listen, teach and guide you in every single way To learn from your young souls more than you learn from mine
When I was seventeen, A guy was driving me home from dinner (which, believe me, did not happen all that often) And somehow, the subject turned to school He thought it was cool, he said,
Usually I write to a rhythm or a beat any time I need to speak on a problem that I meet. But one thing in particular, I think is apt to change, is how colleges will do anything to catch some change.
The busy hustle across the sidewalks makes a walk turn into a shuffle.   Going from class to class is nothing short of a puzzle.   As I make my way through the crowds, I've never felt so alone.
EducationTo be be educatedIs to be free From a mental prisonWhere the unknownIs lost among the ignorant
  Waiting for the 41 home I light a cigarette and think of mother, lovely little Audrey, and my Gloria. I picture them gathered watching TV. Together they must be
Education has stopped being about the students If this insults you and you think we should apologize for our rudeness Then we are glad we have grasped your attention
Mister, Mister hear all about it! We come to your class every single day Just to hear you say...NOTHING! You look at us like we're circus clowns, and continue to just tear us down. We tell you we don't understand,
Bullying, A double edged sword.   You take the pain, But what is it like to inflict it?   You find your target, You spit out some words, That have been spat at you.  
High school was hard for me, I felt my teachers were blind to see,
It's your turn to listen to me now.
Get to the point I say! It’s another day and to my dismay My education is being taken away Because one kid called another “gay”
Teachers better start caring  About what their students know. Instead of teaching just for the grades Of the students—it's all a big show.   When you step out of the class room,
So many times you hear the word change.
  I wouldn't open up to you if I could...
 I wouldn't give you a chance even if others say I should...
  I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks that they know better, But they don’t.
When I sit in your class Concentrating hard, Your goal is aparent, Only to bombard.   Questions then statements,  Rude and nice, Don't tell me to be  "As quiet as those mice".  
Teachers don't fathom I'm misunderstood by them It isn't fair for us
Many teachers give requirements that they can't even keep. Standards giving to us that they can’t even meet. How you gon tell me to be on time to class, but you always late to teach. What if i said "you late get a pass".
In front of others you say we are your top priority but behind closed doors you say you only do it for the money That it matters not if we learn or not But you still getting paid Not Fair Is What I Say
A walk down the hall, all I feel is change. Out of all the years, this one won't be the same. New principal, more freshmen, a new set of rules. My teachers wonder why it's like I'm never in school.  
It’s that time of year again.   Labor Day rolls around and summer comes to a disappointing close; so ends our brief, innocent repose. We're back in those uncomfortable desks
                                            We go to school, we join the clubs.                                                 We play the sports, say it’s not
Teachers should be our friends.   We should look up to them,  Envy them, Respect them, And most importantly we should listen to them.   What is so hard about that?  
What I would like to see Consists of greater funding of three. The first builds upon creativity. The second trains many, for jobs. The Third explains everything.   First, is seen everywhere,
Times are changing, That’s no question. The world we live in is constantly spiraling,  And we have been told it’s up to us to shape it into something we would want to live in.
More than a face, a story told. Hundreds of faces left to unfold.  I See You're scared behind that smile, that wide grin faked  for a while. One must be humble, respectful and sweet, but underneath we see all Skin deep.
Teachers forget that they were once in our shoes. They pretend that as if they never could be. Walking around high and proud and then they forget where they are from. 
I asked myself, what the FUCK is education? A nine letter noun that involves complete concentration... I ended up searching the actual definition, the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction.
They call us the future say we will rule the world some day Lead the world to greatness so say the politicians those priveledged people in Washington the take our money our taxes they create the budget
Why is it that a school could feel like prison an institution where there's no one to listen We are denied of expression if it's not a calculus lesson Where the funding goes elsewhere
Hey teachers, I was an eighteen-year-old senior, a hispanic female with the classic features. I focused on what I needed to do but still got distracted. But I was appaled by how some "students" and "teachers" acted. 
just go retire. get fired. now. please.oh wait. we can’t get rid of you?then you might as well listento what all you trashy teachersalways have to say
Oh, teachers, how you are skilled in boring The normal, average, local students Who keep on searching, always exploring For a teacher with the greatest prudence   Students today are looking for a purpose
She won't shut up He won't stop talking Their f*cking annoying Hello? Teacher? Are you even watching? Tell them to stop talking, Make them be quiet You have the  power here, use your damn noggin!
When I heard you would be taking over my Creative Writing class, I'll admit that I was not very happy. In fact, I was pissed.
Every day, I go to school Watch the lukewarm Watch the droll Sit and stumble in my "cool" Eclectic silent struggle Against the shouting and the screeching And the breaking and the reeking And the tap tap tapDo. They.
Oh you troubled teachers. Creating a hierarchy based upon grades rather than a strong will to learn. Oh you troubled teachers. Grade-shaming your students who are only trying to get through school
You lit up my life since the start You are the fire inside of me You are the inspiration deep inside of my heart You taught me to always believe  Yet believing was so hard for me to achieve
There's pain in my vains still this day, cant explain how you put me to shame. Saw me as a broken love, didn't give me a chance to undercover the talent that was given 
We don't believe in change, at my school It's actually quite a pain Why wouldn't they want their students to learn Such an essential thing? A course was created and designed  to help construct student leaders and yet the course is criticized  By m
Desks in rows Children file in Classrooms filled with the stagnant scent of yester year policy Each child
Quick! Turn around! Catch this kid, Phone lit right up, fingers dancing across the screen.   Come on! Look! He's playing Candy Crush, But your back is turned.
We wake up early to go to bed late Go to a place that we all hate Have seven long hours of school Only to go home and have four more It is was to much for a young teen
Another year, another round. Third time's a charm and yet none I've found. Thy upper division courses slay me, The level of work is damn near deadly.   One would think I'd crumble,
The truth is your too flirty,  Your suppose to be my Teacher, confidant, n support me and here you are acting all dirty truth is you have no morale for the school and dislike kids
Teachers will teach. Students will learn. But, the way teachers teach, is the students concern. They rely on their education to make them great.
The early mornings, The seeing people I don’t even like, The dry erase markers, The fake "miss you sooooo much" friends. Great. It’s "Time for School!" once again. Time for lecture after lecture,
Do you really care about your students? Does my opinion matter at all? or am i just a silly little teenager? only here taking up an hour of your day?   that doesnt matter
    Criticized. What’s the point of even speaking? Focus on breathing. Teacher’s eyes seek out mine. Keep my head down.
My teacher Waves her hands  Towards the board like my attention  Should be focused on adjectives and verbs She placed me next to the smelly kid And the girl who always makes fun of me I stare outside
this is game seven we are tied, but not for long champs will show no fear  
They are small, yet influential. Young, but surprisingly intelligent. Having spent so much time with them, I have come to love them dearly. Like my own family, I care for them. Their growth is my main priority.
Yellow over Green What auras you bring, The gentle breeze creates a soulful melody As Maraca leaves shuffle to their fertile dance The harmonious birds take center stage
Intimidated by the overgrowing sounds My mouth smothered by a trembling fear My voice lost in the jungle of words A feeling of regret blooming in my throat
20 and 21 So young, without cares. She drove too fast He hurt too much Unexpected... Death- something we avoid Something we escape They didn't They couldn't
It is a disease, a sickness, a monster that grips you when you least expect it. It shows its self through flat characters and erased paragraphs,
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