Hidden Young


Lathrup Village, MI
18794 Glenwood Blvd
United States
42° 29' 46.14" N, 83° 13' 52.788" W

There's pain in my vains still this day, cant explain how you put me to shame.

Saw me as a broken love, didn't give me a chance to undercover the talent that was given 

You judge me as a book with out reading, gave me a look with no feeling, made me think I wasn't 

smart with no willing, pretending to teach me, show me a world that I only wanted to know the meaning. 

Broke me like a poor soul, as you hoped I would not succeed for my goals.

That maybe I just fail, as you rejoice like a wise friend.

But let me not fool you, it's not like I'm trying to school you, or tell you how to do you. 

See there's a fighter in my eye's, a strong angel that will surprise,

Determind to follow my life, a believer in sight.

I already saw the light put on earth to make means right.

As your words don't hurt me no more.You can't grade me, change me, phase me.

My pride is bigger than the sun, my brain is on the run to be successful I been begun. 

I don't hate you, or try to intimidate you, but simple just thank you.


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