Behind the Text


More than a face, a story told. Hundreds of faces left to unfold. 

I See You're scared behind that smile, that wide grin faked  for a while.

One must be humble, respectful and sweet, but underneath we see all

Skin deep.

Although as witty and frightful as we may be, in a couple of years, 

We'll be greatful, and free.

The desks will have grown as much as we, the fields we shall run infinitely 

Our homework will grow miles high, we'll thank you for the times we've wondered


Our minds mature, we answer our questions., we'll realize why you made all those suggestions.

Though some may be rude and continue with hate, there will still be that pupil; who will appreciate.

After hours of learning to teach again, it's not till later we realize 

Its to help us begin.

So far our hours of study cannot compare, but hopefully one day your memory could be shared.

You may think our scheming minds are programmed to conquer, 

To want and dare those who ponder.

But like you we are mere gentle creatures,

Unless thou's tone gets snippy, stay off the bleachers.

Though I kid, I kid you not, there are kids with evil plots.

Behind the text there is double meaning

Behind a desk we read with out reading.

Your chin is up, your voice is strong

A rightful leader to follow along.

Your shoulders slouched, too much make up on

A young teacher here for tenure long. 

An arched back, croaky voice, wrinkled face

How long will it be before you put me in my place?

Running about, ageless and free

My gym teacher, that's who you must be.

There are many of you. Too many for my mind,

You may suffocate me at school, but help my writing during free time.

so thank you dearly, I never get to say,

Im joyful there's people like you, who will make me successful.

Day, by day.







I have no "sh*_" to say to my teachers. Really, we should all be greatful. So many children, teens, adults thirst for education; something better for themselves. I'm lucky enough to have the privilege of going to public school. Something I will always value the most. I just wish others felt the same way; I wish everyone had the opportunity to receive a stong education.

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