Empower Education


So many times you hear the word change.

But can schools make an exchange?

Well, the school is just a system,

While, the student is a victim,

However, change happens when students are motivated to do so.

Not, because the students are slow,

But to have teachers the freedom to teach,

Just like having our freedom of speech.

Nowadays, teachers have to follow the script,

When they really want to skip

Back then, teachers use their creativity

To have their students use progressivity

What happened to this country?

When around the world is accelerating,

While laughing at our results,

It's time for education to be changed

It's time for students to be changed

It's time for this country to be changed

Don't put limits on others

Instead, let people inspire others

Let the students learn their ways

And let the teachers teach their ways

Because it will be well worth it

When others see our achievements

And see was yet to come.


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