A Teachers Lessons

The students are here.

They push and they pull

They shove and they scream

They cry and howl about silly things


They watch and they listen

They hear and they learn

They try to do better

Occasionally they succeed.


This is a job that plants patients in those with receptive hearts

I pray that I am such a one, with a heart that’s quick to respond

In each moment there is an opportunity to bond

A thousand lessons are hiding in each situation

I must look beyond to see the true condition


Within the quiet students mind is a memory of abuse

Behind the boys disruptive behavior is a cry for attention

Her tear filled eyes speak of frustration

He sleeps in class because he believes he is too stupid to learn

She talks and giggles because she is insecure

His charming smile is his only chance for survival


In the midst of their chaos you are their structure.

In the midst of your imperfection they are being perfected

Every day lessons are taught

Even if they are not the ones you had planned

You must remember this before you reprimand

Be firm but gentle

Be cheerful and kind

In the hearts of the little ones there is always a diamond to find.

This poem is about: 
My community



This is a poem that I wrote for the My Year in Poetry Slam scholarship. In 2016 I spent a lot of time in different kind of classrooms and learned a lot about myself and students in the process. I am currently persueing an bachelors degree in elementary education.

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