To be be educated
Is to be free 
From a mental prison
Where the unknown
Is lost among the ignorant

Most of us have our own
Interpretation of the word
Some equate it to a college degree
Others define it as life experience

It is so important,
to be educated
To be knowledgeable
On a given topic

To know the world around you
Is power
Power that is valuable
power that can be shared
To be educated
Is to know your own self

We must ask questions
We must wake up 
Ready to seek answers
Education is key 
Unlock your potential

Help those who can't 
Help themselves
The opportunity to learn
Is special, and granted to a few
Take it, and use it

We must encourage
And Support ourselves
To learn, to be educated
Humans beings 
That have a purpose
Once we understand the power of 


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