Classroom Quietness

If there was one line in all of hist’ry,

But the reason to follow is still quite a myst’ry

“Duct tape is silver, but silence is golden”

Quote from the tale of the wise and the olden


In group discussion each week we did sit

But never was there heard any chat-chit

The teacher did try as hard as she might

Only there sat her students, avoiding her sight

The long silence was drawn out and agonizing

Pupils may have been quiet to stop plagiarizing

She opened her mouth to call out some names

But still every time she was met with the same


This silence, no talk, no voices were heard

Three students attention was caught by a bird

Phones under desks were hidden from view

The teacher was fuming, just quite in a stew

“Why won’t you talk? I can make this fun!

If no one will speak, I will call on just one!”

Their shared muteness most filled her with dread

But really her students just wanted their bed


Now speaking of hist’ry, here comes the professor

He flipped over desks and gave them a lecture

“You better respect her!” and threw phones at the wall

He threw in a glare and stormed into the hall


With the students in shock, brave souls did speak up

“Here is the reason behind all our yuck,

We really have read, we mean to partake,

It’s just that we’re tired, feel tied to the stake

Voicing our thoughts is a minor occurrence

What we really need is some reassurance

That life will be fine, we’re down in the dumps

And these three right here are a right group of chumps

We’ll try to speak more and not be a bore,

It’s just that we feel this group is a chore

It’s not that we hate you, we assure it’s true

We’ll be better tomorrow and not make you blue.”


And so the next day, true to their word

All the students made sure that they could be heard.


This poem is about: 
My community



Two of my classmates helped me write this poem. I did the bulk of it, but they helped add plot points and a few rhymes. I just want to take a moment to acknoledge their contribution to this poem.

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