Many teachers give requirements that they can't even keep. Standards giving to us that they can’t even meet. How you gon tell me to be on time to class, but you always late to teach. What if i said "you late get a pass". But no the teachers make the rules and students go about obeying like fools. When martin Luther king wanted segregation to be over with peace, he didn’t go about with mistreat. It’s important to go by what you preach. I’m struggling to get good grades while teaches have student aids. If you don’t feel like grading work why give a lot. Yea I’m lazy it’s true, but if you don’t like a lot of work what make you think I do. Some teachers don’t even teach in class. They just give us work and we try to pass. When we cheat the claim we stole or rob. But they are the ones encouraging us not to do our job. I used to really like school, now I don’t. Everybody walks in the hall with no hope. Too much work for us to cope. Now back to my home work my long math homework on how to find the slope.


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