Time For School


The early mornings,

The seeing people I don’t even like,

The dry erase markers,

The fake "miss you sooooo much" friends.


It’s "Time for School!" once again.

Time for lecture after lecture,

With names and dates for my collection.

My math books weigh more than I do.

It’s true.

Do you really think I care about the acute and the obtuse?

Trying to "get me to see my life from all angles",

When I can't even get passed these Neanderthals

That ancestry has led to wander these dear halls.

Teachers that'd rather tell you about their personal life

Than to teach you something in class.

I don't really care about your wives;

Teach me something that will last.

And please, don’t expect me to play like I'm excited.

I can't even concentrate on this burner I’m igniting.

Trying to find a way for lighting,

These dreaded glue-covered, chocolate-milk scented linings.

Trapped between 4 base walls,

Multiplied by twenty-thousand stairs,

18 more steps to my desk,

And 3 more hours until my head clears.

This isn’t even all of my day!

2 hours of homework,

Oh that’s not for all my classes.

That’s just for that one class with no hall passes...

With that teacher who thinks their work is most important.

"Which class was that again?

I dee kay maybe physics".

Sorry for texting in your class,

But my parents won't listen.


Feel free to give them a call,

It’s not like they check their voicemails after all.


You may see why school frustrates me day to day.

I'm waiting for that final bell,

That'll send me on my way.

Bye we'll do it all again tomorrow,

When it’s "Time for School!" once again.


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