The Major Three


What I would like to see

Consists of greater funding of three.

The first builds upon creativity.

The second trains many, for jobs.

The Third explains everything.


First, is seen everywhere,

Be it graffiti or paintings,

Bass pumping pop or guitar filled rock,

It aids specialized thinking.

Funding would help our problem solving.


Second, is neglected,

Only special schools offer this,

Jobs are from hair dressing to car repair.

These jobs are plausible options

For those not college bound.


Third, is built on past work,

Equation filled laws help us

Calculate gravity and integrals.

Funding allows for strong thinkers

And strengthen many people.


The first being the arts,

The second being the trades,

Then the third is mathematics and science,

It is seen that these all deserve more.

This is why they need funding. 

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