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1 Timothy 6:10  10 For the love of money is the root of all evils. Some people in reaching for it have strayed from the faith and stabbed themselves with many pains.  
If I were a leaf on a tree..oh how would I leave leaving me..would make me laugh..leaving for you.. you think.. you says I to know.. leaving for free..says me..right now..I would leave me..
Love is not what it seems. It is not a delicate feeling that makes one bubbly and light inside. It is not flowers and sunshine. Birds do not chirp. Rainbows do not appear. Life is not happy and perfect. Love is the opposite.
I met him in  the deep black-coffee  night,a milk-cream moon  pouring  between us. I came to a crossroad    with rum and gun-powder  (like  all of the  books  say to do)to seek  a favor,    but all he  wanted  was 
Shut up, Karen! Anyone else have ideas yet?
  I’ve always liked the idea of slam poetry; The passion that translates through the poets hands, As they excitedly emphasize each word with a new gesture.
Dear my future college roommate,   I’m Camille Howard, An absurd blackbird, Taking my broken wings And learning to fly.
 I refuse to be the next crazy person on the back end of your jokes I know you were talking about me but you didn't know You think of crazy as straight jackets and force fed medications
I think it is, without a doubt, a necessity that you shut your mouth. I’m made of time, it’s how we grow, So why not just take it slow?  
Emptiness and sorrow, They all say it will get better tomorrow, Yet I am stuck in the mistakes of my past, While everyone around me is moving by fast, Standstill, standstill, My body turns into a landfill,
Once upon a time, in a faraway land a prince asked a fair maiden for her hand the girl was confused, because you should know they had only known each other for an hour or so.    
She had one job. One simple job. She must've went back for the basket. ... And her Fitbit. Kids these days.   Steps don't count themselves, You know. If you don't get 10,000
The cold is numbing. Like morphine it trickles through my bones. It seeps into my fingers and it grips my balls. It kisses me like an abusive lover after the beating. The cold is comforting.  
Oh, say can't you see? I must fight for my life. I'll escape from this hell, dodging blows from your beatings. I will never be free to walk out through the night. I'd be tossed in a cell,
Walk into the work place, "Nic, nice to see you!" "You too" I hate this place. I hate essence of what it is. I can not stand for it, Selling my soul to be your bitch.  
We worship You The white walls, with marble pillars. These alters we construct on our school grounds. We have sacrificed our kids to be Your gladiators. And you shower us with blessings.
I wrote a poem to choke my sorrow. Like a blot of gauze to staunch the blood flow. Drops of blood drop and drip between my toes, from wound that punctured lung like jagged bone,
Hundreds of Millions of Messanger birds  Soaring across the world. It sure is a miracle That none of them crash Into each other.
New year, a New Me Change, Live, Laugh, Love, Breathe. Exhale. Lies I tell Myself
He always says the right thing He is always considerate He is never wrong He never tolerates ignorant people When he ignores them, they always disappear He latches onto popular opinion
Here I sit, My first job... Application on the table next to me. I fill it out, Not sure what hours I want to work, Or what date I'll be available, Or even if I'll get an interview.
It's really quite simple:   I can do without people,  Relationships become a bore.  I'd tolerate a world without sports,  Cause then no one's keeping score.  And I can sacrifice my phone--  IF need be.  Yet,  Upon contemplating things though to be
The day is long, its prospects dreary, and in this state I’m weak and weary. I have no drive and no desire; I need something that will inspire. Of movement and of thoughts I’m leery, yet to my mind there comes a query:
The fire comes down and it opens my lungs up To the sky that never wanted to be free But the clouds run over my bloodstream Straight through my heart And out throught my eyes and I can see
Children lying prostrate on the floor Overworked and under-born And on the sabbath every week You come alive and watch them bleed Watch them weep into the sea Streaming colors laced with dreams
There’s one thing in my life that is dear and ethereal And that dear and ethereal thing is called cereal. Mornings and nights, without a doubt
Je suis Click, click Black heels reverberate smoothly in sync with the lithe body of a metal barrel shining in the streetlights an omen
Human Rights These are rights that are endowed to every human, rights that make us all equals. I cannot live without human rights, taking away these rights takes away my humanity.
You can not tell me I'm short, I'm just lacking in inches. It's rude to ask me if I showered, rather ask me what that stench is.
America!   America!   Our flag is flying high   in parades held over graves   of those who have died.
hypocrites! If you look up the definition you'll find "A person who indulges in hypocrisy" Okay, well thank you, Google. So if you look up the definition of "hypocrisy," you find it is
Democracy? An illusion Freedom? A delusion How are we supposed to feel  with Isis's intrusion? We're stuck in bad habit while they're organizing their cabinet.
I Love Guns:A Slam Poem
“Leash and Collar” The wind came by and picked me up My heart dropped down but my body flew up I dreamt a pile of words Then woke up and threw up
Oh, I've got no problem eating alone. Make no mistake-- I can eat what I want when I want it. I can think how I look like I go where I want. I can see whom I please, Say what I mean,
People walk the streetsIn artificial skinsTrying to please strangers they meetIt's a game that nobody wins
Your choice of, Art and science Xotic collexion of love. Starry nights, Unforgettable moments. You can customize your ring
For the hatred of mankind
Sitting here, depressed, alone, Thinking, “Woe is me!” I pick up my pen to write some Existential poetry I weep and moan in clever prose In freeform, obviously
Walks up,coughs into the microphone,the audience shuts up,and I say:remember the 1990s?remember childhood?remember all of the TV shows that used to be on?
So I have quite the funny story: I was walking down the street, right, and this lady hollered “[pig noises] Ay yo Big Bertha, You should probably go on a diet and lay off the big macs.”
His hair arrayed in a muddy brown mess, With all of the elegance and finesse, Of a homeless man in a burlap dress.    His meticulous life well unkempt,
  If I could say anything about it
  Behold, faithful zealots and sinners alike, 
Welcome to society Wait here for your number. Show only propriety And wish that you were younger. Wish for things you'll never need. Be ashamed and be afraid. You're not precious or unique,
Hey, Mister German!  Do you remember that one time
  Eradicate dreams- that is our executive order. Build a dreamers' prison. We'll break them in two, those deviants, and drain the colors from their veins. Make them good for something-
there’s pleasurein being disappointed,there are shortcomingswhen seeking happiness,but there’s never pleasurenor shortcomings of what is said to bebut isn’t there’s typography,
An all-consuming darkness that casts a shadow over life. It dims the term "living" and illuminates the word "dying." It barges in with a gun- shooting bullets of shame. And when you've been wounded,
O Jimmy Walters Your eyes shine like the screen of my phone when I get a text Your voice sounds like angels having orgasms And my heart fluttered when you asked me for the answers of last night's homework
Join us, Join us, the college flyers say, Are you trying to entice, or make me run away? I don’t mean to be rude; you’re just excited, But I want to let you know that I’m frightened.
It was another dream from Wonderland.
 Started mugs and satisfied spoons,
 All rebelling for a taste of freedom. 
We want to be, they yell.
 And we want to see, they yell.
I pledge my allegiance to the moon Because the sun stabbed me in my sleep I hope to find some material truths Because love and affection are too drunk for me
My dear, I have spotted you and now you are mine I saw the back of your head yesterday in line I stalked through your Facebook Five hours is all it took Next, I read through your Twitter
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