People walk the streets
In artificial skins
Trying to please strangers they meet
It's a game that nobody wins

All religions are right
Yet all religions are wrong
For they all hold a bit of light
But they hide it under false song

What is death
But the absence of life?
Does your sould escape with the final breath
Or can it be shattered by a knife?

Life, why do we have it?
It's not to help money revolve
But to accumulate knowledge, record it
To help humanity evolve

To overcome the insanities
By which this world is run
You must first overcome your primal needs
After this, physical distractions are none

War only achieves two things
An astronomical resource consumption
And the sorrow which it brings
It rarely yields anything else worth mention

Blind faith should only apply to religion
But men of cloth preach it as a lifestyle
People blindly accept this suggestion
It is a vicious cycle, and the victims are in denial

With each new magazine
A young woman further thinks it a sin
To look the way we all should be seen
To look like an actual human

People use music to escape life's hardships
But music can be like a needle
And if you do not know the poison that your mind sips
Thoughts in your mind can turn evil

The ruled must overcome
Their rulers
Just as the abused must overcome
Their abusers

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Our world


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