My Dear (inspired by Becky the creepy stalker)

My dear, I have spotted you and now you are mine
I saw the back of your head yesterday in line
I stalked through your Facebook
Five hours is all it took
Next, I read through your Twitter
And my heart started to flitter
I found out all I could about you
I read everything twenty times through
I know this is meant to be
Even if you don’t know me
I hate your girlfriend because you know her name
But I assure you, I shall win this little love game
For years after that, I checked every day
To see pictures of you down by the bay
Then today I tripped up the stairs
As you brushed away a piece of your hair
When I fell you glanced at me in the hall
So tonight, I will like that photo on your wall
This is it, our relationship has begun
Because I know I have just won
Yes, I’ve been in love three years
Even though we just met, finally, my dear


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