I Won't Sell Myself Short

You can not tell me I'm short,

I'm just lacking in inches.

It's rude to ask me if I showered,

rather ask me what that stench is.

I refuse to be called white,

Based on the fact I'm melanin deficient.

I have no friends,

because I have no need of friends,

I'm just that self-sufficient.

I can't get fired from a job,

instead we have a mutual agreement.

My knowledge of the American language is great,

while my English is more or less decent.

I finally made my high school basketball team,

though they kicked me off once they found out I was in college.

The fact I've won 27 participation awards,

is something I believe should be acknowledged.

I shouldn't be discriminated against,

for having no particular skill set at all.

They said I didn't make the team because I'm too short.


I replied, “No, sir, you are just too tall.”

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