Slam Poetry


I’ve always liked the idea of slam poetry;

The passion that translates through the poets hands,

As they excitedly emphasize each word with a new gesture.

They slowly, slowly, ever so slowly,

(Should it be going this slowly, I have an appointment at noon),

Build up their words, their metaphors, their similes,

Until it comes crashing down with a crescendo and the audience goes wild.

Well, they snap. They go wild with snapping.

Yeah, I’ve always liked that.

Maybe I should try it.

First, we need a topic. Something taboo, yet relatable.

Something that’s never been done before,

But maybe it has because I have to get inspiration from somewhere.

What do poets talk about?

Love, oceans, heartbreak, flowers,


Yes, flowers, we’ll talk about flowers. It’s simple.

But is it too simple?

No, it can be a metaphor, for something much deeper.

Okay, deep, deep, what is deep?

John Green, poetry, a hole in the ground, my love for Dylan O’brien, growth,


Yes, growth. That’s deep. And flowers grow!

Maybe I’m not too bad at this poetry thing.

So flowers, they are a metaphor for growth.

Now, I just need to make a poem.


So I start with flowers.

But where to go from there?
Perhaps I throw in a simile?

That sounds poetic.

Flowers...bloom in spring,

Like my love for you blooms.

No, that has certainly been done before.

I can only get away with so much plagiarism.

How about I try another metaphor?

Flowers...are...they have...petals,

Like their souls that hang outside of their bodies.

No, flowers don’t have bodies.

And this needs to rhyme, it is a poem after all.

Flowers bloom in other spring.

Would a poet rhyme spring with spring?

Maybe we just need more figurative language.

Flowers are the fiery catalyst that set your icy heart aflame.

That didn’t even make sense.

You know what, this poetry thing is hard.

Maybe I shouldn’t try it after all.


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