Suffocating Sequence

Emptiness and sorrow,

They all say it will get better tomorrow,

Yet I am stuck in the mistakes of my past,

While everyone around me is moving by fast,

Standstill, standstill,

My body turns into a landfill,

Grotesque and fat,

I even scare my cat,

Where did it all go wrong?

Why does life feel so long?

How is it that I'm can write poems but still can't manage one damn song?

Whatever, I guess that's just the thing about talent,

In order to impress you have to express,

And adress, everyone elses's feelings more or less,

There's rarely any glory, and hardly any rest,

Especially since the media has become such a pest,

They want to pick at your brain, to drive you insane,

As they follow you down every corner and every lane,

Thinking about it all feels so suffocating,

Society just seems to be frustrating, 

Relationships have even become degrading,

That's why everyone is scared to start dating,

Instead they're upgrading, 

And checking up on the ratings,

On the newest toy for masturbating,

Since mating,

mostly spreads STD's,

Hell, nobody wants to have genital fleas,

Exuse me please,

That was probably too much,

I should just stick to appropriate topics and such,

And stop letting these woes become a crutch.



This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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