Society's Opinion on the Mental


An all-consuming darkness
that casts a shadow over life.
It dims the term "living"
and illuminates the word "dying."
It barges in with a gun-
shooting bullets of shame.
And when you've been wounded,
society does what society does best:
Blame the victim.
Blame the fucking victim.
As the world
assaults your emotions and
solicits your desperation and
murders your originality and
robs your self-respect,
you can't feel upset about it,
because it's your own damn fault you're in this mess.
Or weren't you aware that
you're supposed to learn from all your life's experiences
before you've even lived?
We determine who you'll be
when you're still just a kid,
and if you're going through a rough time?
it's obviously a permanent stamp on your personality
and you can just frget about changing for the better.
Because we're founded on fairness.


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