To Her Brazen Master

I think it is, without a doubt, a

necessity that you shut your mouth.

I’m made of time, it’s how we grow,

So why not just take it slow?


You say we’re on our way to death

I looked in the mirror and I checked

Funny enough, no gray yet.


If the maidenhead’s what you’re looking for

If all you want is to score

I’ll surely take it to the grave

If that means creeps like you I can stave


You are not my path to a sweet, youthful glory

Just a promise of sexual purgatory.


But let’s get back to the problem at hand:

Why’s it so hard for you to understand


my value is not determined by a man?


If you think my choice is only two

I would still take the worms over you.


You think your lines are so clever, but

Dear, my beauty is forever.


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Our world
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