Only For Hypocrites.

Tue, 12/01/2015 - 20:19 -- SLK

hypocrites! If you look up the definition you'll find

"A person who indulges in hypocrisy"

Okay, well thank you, Google.

So if you look up the definition of "hypocrisy," you find it is

"The practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs

To which one's own behavior

Does not conform."

SHHHH, be quiet. Now let me talk some more.

Hypocrisy is committing the action

You specifically just told someone

Not to take.


Shouting "everyone better be in the car" but realizing

Just as soon as it slips,

You uh,

You have to pee.

Oh but don't worry, you're in charge,

Give yourself some slack.

Go to the bathroom and on your way back

Make sure to heat up some mac but don't lose

Track of time. The rest of us

Here waiting for you

Are most certainly assured that the color of

Your chosen flip flops

Will factor the outcome of our soon to be taken,

Commonly dreaded,

Four hour test.

Because when those darn test makers ask

How many blue and red marbles I may take out of a bag

Compared to those of green, well I promise

The extra sandwich you made for the car

Will impact

The universal philosophy on whether or not

This problem is solvable.

Hypocritical behaviors are just a side effect of realizing

That you most certainly are better than

Everyone else around you,

So don't worry because federal law

Does not apply to you.

No, don't pay attention to the cars behind you,

But goodness! The light is green! Let’s GO.

Don’t you know, nobody likes a car

That doesn't stay aware? You must ALWAYS

Have other drivers in mind.

As I've heard,

The adult life, really shows

What you should and

Shouldn’t have done, as a teenager.

And since it may be

30 years later for you and you already

Experienced all that you wanted to,

What you did in high school is gone, and now

You see the things you did as a kid were of

Pure evil and disgrace.


But they're really not in either one of those categories.


If you're happy now,

Then you must know

That every decision you have previously made

Directly brought you to this state

And without those little things

That you were told

Were "bad for you,"

You wouldn't be standing wherever you are,

With whoever you're with,

Doing whatever you're doing, but

You’d be thinking,

"What if I had been a hypocrite?"

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