The College Hunt

Join us, Join us, the college flyers say,
Are you trying to entice, or make me run away?
I don’t mean to be rude; you’re just excited,
But I want to let you know that I’m frightened.
I know you don’t mean to sound like a cult,
But the emails you send me kind of insult.

We want you! Plastered on every flyer
But am I really what you desire?
You know nothing about me but you still say,
I’m perfect and should visit right away.

Samantha, you have caught my attention.
It is really funny that you mention,
I clearly have no clue who you are
And let’s be real, you picked my name from a jar
My email address is floating around
Just patiently waiting to be bogged down
By how much “attention” I have received
From all the computers trying to please.


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