Same Thing

Wed, 04/13/2016 - 01:07 -- ZariB10

It's really quite simple:   I can do without people,  Relationships become a bore.  I'd tolerate a world without sports,  Cause then no one's keeping score.  And I can sacrifice my phone--  IF need be.  Yet,  Upon contemplating things though to be necessary,  There came up something that I found very  Vital.  How could I survive without the warmth of tanned, pillowy skin And the sweetness it comes with at my own discernment. Nothing pleases me more than waking to the natural scent of my beloved, Who gives me satisfaction that anyone would covet. Nothing is nearly as voluptuous as the flawless curves that greet me With an embrace so intense I can't express it discretely. Nothing has ever kissed my tongue so delicately and endearing, Carving my day's emotion so there's no need for adhering. Every caress sends me to paradise, Making all my qualms appear alright,  Just for minute.  And even after the bliss fades, that moment's ecstasy can last a lifetime...  Or at least til my lunch break,  When I can once again indulge in the succulence of God's greatest creation  Without any less appreciation  For its contribution to my fixation on all things sweet,  The deprivation of which I'd hate to meet.  It's pleasance and nourishment  is cherished and known with every serving.  Man, I love pancakes :)

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Where there are giant spaces followed by a random capital letter is where the end of each line is. I'm not sure why it appears in paragraph form. I typed it in lines.

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