A Letter to My Future College Roommate

Dear my future college roommate,


I’m Camille Howard,

An absurd blackbird,

Taking my broken wings

And learning to fly.

I’m a daughter of two Joe Schmoes,

A sun in the darkest shadows.

I’m relatively flawless

And a tidbit obnoxious…

I have a broad repertoire:

I’m a rockstar,

I dance, sing, and play guitar,

I complete all of mes devoirs

My soul is cinnabar,

I aspire to visit Myanmar,

And I will be the one who takes the cookies

From the cookie jar.

I’m a bitty witty with my silly drily


And I will be amongst every

Positive rumor.

I am keen and clean,

But I will not reprimand you

If you juxtapose me.

My only peeves would be

Leaving toothpaste in the sink

Sticking hairs in the shower

And…  dunging stains in the toilet

Don’t do it.

You can bring boys to the room,

But just no babies in the womb.

Other than that,

I promise I’m not an ass,

I’m an asset–

I am the occasional coquette

I have a frivolous epithet,

And an adventurous mindset.

I am the kind of roommate –

And friend –

You will never forget.



Camille Howard



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