There’s one thing in my life that is dear and ethereal

And that dear and ethereal thing is called cereal.

Mornings and nights, without a doubt

That big bowl of cereal I can’t live without.

Daily routines are a tool for survival

And whole grains and oats you will need for revival -

When morning time comes and you’re tired and groggy

Just whip up some flakes and don’t let them get soggy!

You could say it flows in my veins; it’s arterial.

I cannot imagine my life without cereal.


I cannot imagine my life without grain

Lackadaiscally swimming in milk - what pain

To go through a day without one single taste!

At the thought of this horror I go, with haste

To the pantry, the cupboard, the refrigerator

And with lightning alacrity, not one moment later

A perfect specimen of cereal stands

Atop my kitchen table, and

Cranberries, granola, wheat are cradled

In a stoutly rounded bowl, and ladled

Into a gracefully curving spoon, and eaten

And the phantasmagorical vision beaten!


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