new beginnings

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Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the thrill of it all, And sometimes you need to remind yourself that not everyone will be there for you when you fall.
I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
Sometimes things don't always work out the way that we had planned, And sometimes these things that are falling apart start to get you, and it gets to the point where you feel like you can't even stand.
It took me a long time to realize that we all have things in our pasts that we are not proud of, But in a strange way, maybe these hard times are actually gifts that are sent from above.
I wish to be of bravery, A wish too brave to stand; With all the airs of legacy,  Cowardice stays my hand.   And though I claim my loyalty Will far exceed my time, My dedication is to sanity
It seems like every time that I start to do good, there is always something that gets in the way, And no matter how hard I try, it seems like I end up failing, and I have to restart everyday.
My life before was perfect, I was to young to wonder why. I was to young to charish life, Before I said goodbye.   Goodbye to all the people  I knew and loved and hated.
Sitting alone in a dark room Wondering if everything that happened was true As the silence grows stronger and my heart beats faster I'm now laying down, lost and confused
“We are going to the end of the world,” said a poet whose name I’ve forgotten. Dayna something or other, I think. But this poet saw us upside down. Because I see only beginnings in your half-smile. 
Facing the light I walk through unplanned days,The hours went slow and they hung me in a daze,Ringing bells of laughter and singing improvised songs,I took things for granted but not to do wrongs,
We never really grow up. We're constantly learning. There is pain in the process, But there is growth from the pain, And there is excitement in the growth. So revel in the excitement.
In the death of  your naive bravado, You held all your tears and grudges, But honey, it’s time to let them go. With the murder of your trust,
A hopeless romantic, a hopeless dream That’s what is real, and it’s all it will be. To crush false hope at the source of its seam.
And in this day, I am renewed. Like a fresh spring day, with morning dew.   My heart stays compassionate, as so does my mind. But with a fresh start, leaving the past behind.
Sometimes things happen that aren’t supposed to. It snows in april A weed grows in january, Winter overstays its welcome A child is born by accident.
Dear Comfort, 
I walk through the halls of the memories of my life Wondering if I had done everything I could to make it all right.
Every morning, I wake up with a lighter heart. I no longer bare any resentment. Because here I lay, Reminiscing each day Remembering how I fell to you. How dumb was I?
It took 12 months, just 12 months for my life to completely change I thought "forever" would last a lifetime, but sometimes God will block out certian people so you can fall into a better path in life.
As New Years day came, the words "new beginnings" engraved my soul. I was tired of playing games, and from us taking it slow. I made my decision, i was moving to miami, cause you had my heart.
[The Fall - A Focal Point] Enter the breeze, the cool air... the mystifying flow of perfection as the leaves change color for the last time. One time, one focus, the magic of the allure
When the sun comes up And the clouds pass by In the early morning, A peaceful sigh coming through your window Can you hear the robin’s cry?Can you hear the robin’s cry?   The day is new
New Beginnings by Christian Betancourt 
I need to say I'm sorry to my friends for lying to your faces again and again yeah i still drink yeah i still smoke but you still loved me regardless of this stuff that you know
I wonder, where are we going? We’ve sat here for years, Reading and noting, Learning but never knowing. What it is that lies ahead: Is it joy, is it dread?
It's not your fault I'm afraid of the sea Even though I ache for the open air and the salty breeze I haven't escaped the shipwrecks on the shore Some never had the chance to sail
Starting something new is the easy part. I can start something new whenever I want - I can start a hundred stories, a hundred poems, a new identity, a new beginning.  
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
Dominicana. Y gringa. Decidete.   So I am both.
What this money means to me  Is that one day I'll succeed I'll succeed to achieve my dreams 
These days feel like half-empty sheets of paper and I don't have enough ink in my pen   My coffee has gone cold but I continue drinking, because drinking is a nervous habit of mine  
There are three kinds of people in this world: dwellers, thinkers, and ponderers I am a ponderer I am Future Boy They say my thoughts are wild Profuse and never ending
I was tossing matches in the night. I wasn't exspecting one to catch.
It's empty in the desert you call a heart, Every drop of water turning volatile,
To search for love upon the page; the knowledge for which my soul would rage. To find new peace born deep within, as love abounds to cleanse from sin. Weakness in youth washed with wisdom divine,
Silent, still, dead, and gone Tangled and twisted are limbs of bronze Charred by flames of orange and yellow A forest dying, dying, dead by ‘morrow
Young and eager, but foolish and rash Ready to begin anew in a world I barely understand. Glittering with promise and intangible dreams That I race to capture, I ache to believe, and get lost in.
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