Unwise & Undecided

Sat, 05/04/2013 - 17:32 -- d_0594


United States
32° 50' 57.6636" N, 96° 35' 20.4612" W

Young and eager, but foolish and rash
Ready to begin anew in a world I barely understand.
Glittering with promise and intangible dreams
That I race to capture, I ache to believe, and get lost in.
Letting myself get carried down the river of my youth
And enraptured by the heady spring of new beginnings.
The garish light of day blinds me from seeing the shadows.
Uncertainty looms over my head, for I don’t know who I am
Or who I want to be. My journey has begun but my destination
Is to be determined. Yet fear does not hold me back as I strive
Valiantly into the future, head first, heart bare, headstrong.
For I am strength, fortified by time and boundless love.


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