The End of the World

“We are going to the end of the world,” said a poet whose name I’ve forgotten. Dayna something or other, I think.

But this poet saw us upside down. Because I see only beginnings in your half-smile. 

The beginning of happiness, a new day. The beginning of the world that I want to live in. The beginning of my life, something that I had wrongly assumed had already begun. The beginning of the person that I am meant to be.

Because the universe resides in your eyes, and for once it is mine. A million miles of old highways in your voice. The tide in your touch, a steady rhythm. 

I know how hard you work. It gives me hope. We could make it out of here and be okay, more than just survive on our own, we could thrive together. We can live good lives because we’ll never be alone in love.

You make me want to be alive. Not pulling me fully out of the dark, there’s simply too much and only I can truly save myself, but giving me a flashlight-lifeline, a means of seeing all of the good that I couldn’t before.

So thank you. You made me myself again, and all I have to offer are these words and my eternal gratitude.

Ever Yours,

-Let’s face it, the love of your life

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