Dear Comfort

Dear Comfort, 

Daily your disintegrated words still ring in my ears, 

Conformity, Hopelessness and Restriction. 

Countless times you've subtly

tricked me into being average. 

 "Stay quiet, don't speak much,

keep your ideas to yourself,  

stay in your safe place", 

"You may have a voice but don’t you it" 


Unconsciously allowing your bitter words,

settling in the depths of my heart, 

Becoming like one who sits

and waits for signs to take action.  

I've waited 19 years,

no longer will I wait another second.

No longer will I hold my breath, 

suffocating my frustrations on justice, 

no longer will I keep my hands facing down

when questions flicker through 

my mind seeking for answer. 


You, and your recycled tricks, 

 hiding your true image,

I would have denied you from the start. 

Cheers though! 

Cheers to the missed opportunities

 slipped from the palms of hands, 

cheers to all the missed moments of taking a stand, 

sitting with my arms crossed,  

head tilted down, facing internal shame. 

Cheers, I let you win, 

 I let you take lead. 

Until I found the very thing I've been seeking, 



Guess What? 

My days of defeat are over, 

I choose to sing as the Mockingbird  

approaching its freedom, 

I choose to fly, as a baby Eagle  

preparing to take its first flight. 

Walking confidently in my purpose, 

as the waves raise with the utmost certainty of tide,  

so will I, leaving familiarity behind, 

 entering new beginnings, I take off.

Without you. Bye. 




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