A Shipwrecked Soul


Shipwrecked on a deserted island

Suddenly alone despite a sea of people flooding around, 

Crashing against the jagged shore of my sometimes turbulent life.

The evening sky is a mix of brilliant color and menacing clouds

Threatening to bring more storms 

Yet also offering a glimpse of hope 

In the promise that the new day will bring

Calmer waters and the chance to bask in the sun

As it dances on the water’s surface.


Should I head inland in search of shelter

Or stay on shore with an eye

On the horizon in hopes of a passing ship?

Is anyone out there looking for me

Searching for the lost soul standing 

In plain sight hiding her deep wounds

From those who are so close by?


Should I attempt to swim in the shark infested waters

Amongst the people who appear to be my friends one minute

Yet are circling to strike me, smelling blood the next?

Part of me wonders if they are just as scared as I

Trying to feed and protect their young

Using intimidation to cover up their own insecurities.


Should I build a fire in the hopes 

That the smoke would be seen from the heavens above

And looking down on me, my Guardian 

Send the Coast Guard to rescue me yet again?


Instead I stand here, gazing as far as I can see

Off into the endless horizon

Hoping to catch glimpse of a future so uncertain

Immobilized as to which way my true north lies.


Soon the day gives way to night

The air turns cold, biting through

To the very core of my soul

Sending a chill to my weary heart.

I shiver as the stars begin 

To cast a haughtily beautiful glow

Reflecting on the sea and calling

A cast of nocturnal characters to life.

Their true intentions showing

As they slink around me 

In the light of the moon and stars.

Why do they stare as if 

I’m the only person on this island

Despite the sea of people who surround us?

Can’t they see that I’m battered 

And worn like the sun-bleached sail

On the boat that glides across the horizon?


The lone seaman raises his scope

Drops it and quickly rushes to the helm

Grabbing the rudder he swings the boom

Quickly changing the direction of his sail.

With distinct purpose and excitement

That he’s found the castaway girl

Far, far away from his home port of call.


Risking the attack of the sharks

Swimming in formation and about

To descend on the seemingly defenseless prey,

He swims swiftly ashore

Scaling the rocky shoreline

He reaches and draws in the seasick girl.


The clouds softly release the rain

They’ve collected during those rough days at sea

The waves pick up as I heave softly on his shoulder

Still in disbelief that I’ve been found alive.

Night has set in, but wrapped in warm protection

Of his strong seaman’s arms

The chill finally releases its grip on me

The sharks quietly retreat in search of a new target.


Relaxing and breathing in the saltiness of the night air

I hold tight to my rescuer

Afraid if I let go, he might indeed disappear

Like the ship I once sailed, sank into the sea.

But his arms remain firmly embracing me

Softly I whisper a prayer that he never lets go.



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