Inevitable emptiness


It's empty in the desert you call a heart,

Every drop of water turning volatile,

Nearby towns are exploding,  Fugitive feelings are the most of their concerns,  Your underground ventures have relapsed,  Why won't you leave? Your grounds used to be filled with water,  My ship anchored in your side of the sea,  Too bad the uninhabited land disagrees,  Now my ship lies beneath the sand, The veiled demons surround you,  Making their torment silent as they enter,  You didn't try to stop them, Morning falls, darkness calls,  I didn't recognize a thing at all,  Dispositions suddenly alternating,  Trying to sow the souls back into bloom, Around the withered vegetation that failed to flourish, As I watch my possessions rot and sink,  You wander further and further away,  Into a dryer glaze, You're going the wrong way, The soil beneath my feet begins to crack, The parched atmosphere is what I fear.   


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