Last Year vs. Now

Fri, 01/13/2017 - 13:35 -- jackywc


United States

It took 12 months, just 12 months for my life to completely change

I thought "forever" would last a lifetime, but sometimes God will block out certian people so you can fall into a better path in life.

Last year, I was 18 years old & happily in love

Last year, I lived with a boyfriend, that lasted 3 years of being together

Last year, I stopped caring & stopped showing appreciation towards him

Last year, I quit my cooking job in a restaurant so I can focus on Pre-Calculus

Last year, I was the happiest girl alive

Last year, I took him for granted

Last year, I graduated from highschool


This year, I finally moved back in with my mom & our relationship is closer than ever

This year, I am a freshman in college studying Information Technology

This year, I found my passion for cybersecurity

This year, I finally got my driver's license

This year, I lost the love of my life; He now loves another girl, a much younger girl

This year, I realized that people don't stay in your life forever, but that's okay

This year, I realized that I must focus on my career, before I fall in love again

This year, I am a new person, I view life in a much more positive way & react to situations differently

This year, I accept the fact that my first love doesn't love me back anymore

This year, I know that if I want to keep someone in my life forever, I must not get too comfortable & stop trying

This year, I don't want a job in the food business; I want an office job

This year, I realized people come and go, but only the best ones will stay

This year, I will raise my 3.25 GPA to a 4.0

This year, I will strive to be the best I can be

This year, I realized that it was best that my ex left me for another girl... I'd rather him have done it now, rather than a few years down the road...



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