Gringa from Quisqueya


Y gringa.



So I am both.

But I am one.

For 16 years.


Across the ocean,

in the Caribbean sea.

A little island,

so much like me.

And like a dove,

I spread my wings.

La palomita vuela lejos de alli.

That little island,

tan lejos de mi.


For sixteen years,

my nest, my home.

But I take flight,

y sola me voy.


Me voy volando.

Me voy nadando.

That's what they all say,

in that little island,

surrounded by sea.

But I miss the taste,

el sabor del sol.

Y las habichuelas,

con pollo y arroz.


A chance in a lifetime,

that's what they all say,

en esa isleta en donde naci.


Que el mundo es duro,

y mas aqui.

But I miss the island of

my childhood years.


Quisqueya, te llamo.

Little island surrounded by sea.


Pero el mundo e' duro.

And being gringa is good.

You don't need a VISA.

Eso 'ta muy bien.

You can escape, 

that's what they say.


But I miss the sun,

el sol que pica,

y el Dios, patria, y libertad.

And they say:

ojala yo i'me pa' ya'! 


Little dove, I am.

A little lost in the winds, I am.

Because I am gringa,

but my nido is in Quisqueya.

Bella, Quisqueya.


You don't know how lucky it is,

to have this oppurtunity.

Porque todo el mundo se quiere ir.

Pero no to' el mundo puede.



(c) Camila Amezquita



I seriously love this! Amazing


Thank you!

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