I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun,

But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.

Whether it be going out for fun or needing people to help you achieve your goals,

I have noticed that you don't need anyone else, and that you can do things on your own, and no one needs to be there to help you fill those holes.

It has taken me a long time to realize it, but being alone is not necessarily a bad thing,

And that even though it can get a little lonely at times, there is so much joy that it can bring.

You can do whatever you want, and you do not need to wait for the approval from another,

And sometimes it is better to be able to give yourself some time to breath, and to not feel like you are being smothered.

I have also noticed that there is so much power in doing things on your own,

And it allows you to do whatever you want, and it allows your heart to feel free and you head to roam.

There is something very rewarding about doing what you want, and not worrying about what others may have to say,

Especially because many of them will end up making you wait for another day.

I have also realized that, even though it can get lonely sometimes, it is better to do things alone than with people who don't have your best interest at heart,

And that in many ways, this is an instinctual feeling that you will know from the start.

If someone reallys want you, or if someone really cares, you shouldn't have to convince them,

Because I have learned that no matter how hard you try, you can't change where they are coming from.

If you mean something to someone, you will learn that they will make you feel like no one ever has before,

And I have learned that you can't allow something better to come into your life if you keep trying to walk through the same door.

Even though it can be hard to let go of the things that make us comfortable, it is something that we have to do,

Because it is the only way that we can let go of who we are and try and embrace something new.

And, since it can he hard to change your mind, changing the narrative of your story is the best thing that you can do,

And maybe when you change your thoughts in your head, you are also changing the world that you see and what you allow yourself to view.

This whole time I have been telling myself that I am not good enough for them, but maybe I am finally realizing that it is the other way around,

And I promised myself that from here on out, I am not letting anyone get in my head and try and bring me down.

This whole time I have been doubting myself, but I have noticed that maybe they are intimidated by what I can become,

Because I know that it is all about where I am going, and it has nothing to do with where I am coming from.

The people around me who are trying to make me negative are no longer going to get in my head,

And I have finally realized my worth, and it is the day that all of them have begun to dread. 


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