New Golden Fate

In the death of  your naive bravado,

You held all your tears and grudges,

But honey, it’s time to let them go.

With the murder of your trust,

The assassination of your character,

All your foreseen gold turned to rust.

Do not shed your tears for those who turned their backs,

But rather for the love and spirit that died

Due to all of the knowledge they lack.

Shed your grudges for all the days you spent feeling alone,

All of the hours you spent overthinking actions you never took,

And all the minutes you spent waiting at the phone.

For lost time is much, much worse than lost “friends.”

Especially when they were the ones to tarnish it all,

When you truly believed there’d be no end.

They took a piece of you every awful night,

But, it opened room for the ones who really love you,

And not just as an act full of false might.

Because when you crashed into the underground,

You fell beautifully into some new, golden fate,

With the words that hurt you becoming a far distant sound.


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