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I know I cannot impress upon youThe love and care that I carryIt is not explosive, but stable.Strong, safe, familiar.Natural and home grownWith roots buried as deep as a tree decades old.
Her eyes were a deep-set amber Her face was crusted with dust The end of the world had started and all she could do was watch.   Nuclear warfare never paid off.   Two sides
TO MY SISTER, NYAH.   You drive me crazy; I drive you crazy. It's part of being sisters, after all.   Sometimes you hate me; Sometimes I hate you. But we still love each other anyways.
What is more beautiful than sisterhood?
Rise UP Rise up I say, why you gotcha ya head bowed This ain’t what our ancestor had in mind when they feet hit the ground Running as fast as they could, never looking back at the enemy
Sisters I have none, Brothers I have three, But they are kind of done With talking to me. Sisters he has none, Brothers he has two, We don't talk to any Out of touch are we.
she’s beautiful with curlers in her hair she’s giddy as her nails are painted my big sis 7 years difference she's the perfect example child
My sister always tells me, jokingly, as she always does,  that seeing as she’s my older sister, she’s known me for literally my entire life.   She says, “You don’t know me,
It was cold and we usually had the same dinner for weeks on end, but the home was a lot better. My baby sister was my best friend, my other sister my second best friend.  It felt like I got back part of the
We sat on a Telletubby blanket the first time I held you and you weren't bigger than a box of cereal. You grew up in front of your two big sisters faster than they were prepared for,
A summer when I was twelve  and my dad's house was always too hot and the air outside was too dry. My sisters and I bought sodas with quarters and drank them at the park -without my parents knowing-.
Dear Sister,   The first time we met  You were 5 He was 7 I was 1   There were two sets of parents One for y’all One for me Full sets, 2 in each  
Sister, how long it has taken to speak.  So much to ask, so much to question? Did you ever conquer what made you so weak? Has this new life overthrown aggression? I hope this new life is anything but bleak. 
we are people, not objects or products, not apologies or excusesoften dehumanized and abused, as if we are not your sisters, mothers and daughtersmen have the audacity to mistreat
Young girl, 13 You just know you’re playing your cards right Your parents don’t know That you snuck out last night Swore you were just protecting your friend
We don’t get to choose our siblings, but if we could, I’d choose you. Why?  Because I love you.   I’ll always be by your side, And lend you my shoulder when you cry, because I love you.  
Dear Little Brothers and Sisters, When you have a relationshipKeep this in mind: Hold their hand,  to comfort themRaise your voice,in support of them
I talk When you Don’t have the words, Because I love you.   I listen When you Have news to share, Because I love you.   I smile When you Lack the strength to,
Sisters-  If a man ever pleads  with you, saying, "It's  what all guys do  to girls," it is  your job to tell him  but one thing: be different. 
We fought and yelled And screamed 'til we said "I hate you" We cried, and cried, and cried And said things we didn't mean to    We still love each other  And that will never change 
Because I love you, I set a table of love. A table of perfect, abounding love I lay this out for you. I set the table
I'd be lying if I said there is nothing I'd ever want Can't hide this frustration, it's talent is to haunt Here are some things I will never ever get No matter how hard I try, life won't ever let
When the one you love most is getting hurt, what do you do? I knew her the best; we spent so much time together, it's impossible anyone surpassed our closeness.
My favorite "I Love You"s don't come from waxy chocolate or the sickly sweet smell of wilted roses.   My truest "I Love You"s are found at the end of nights soaked in laughter,
So this is it, huh? Every morning I repeat the same old tired routine.But there's supposed to be more for me, I know there is.Your 20's isn't your regular old 20's anymore.I remember being a kid when my sisters were in their early 20'sI thought th
  The old farm stood alone and still. A car made gravel fly. Elise braked and shut the door. “I’m wrecked, why even try?”  
I sift through stones in a wooden box alongside my sister. It’s sticky August, vacation. The “Indian Store” smells like incense and leather,
We met our freshman year Not knowing what was to come, At the time one thing was clear You and I would stick together like gum.  
A close friend in heart and blood Who helps me clean the mud The mud of life, of tress When I am in a mess Through six years younger
  November 22, 2011 You were in tenth grade, I was in seventh.   You went to mom crying, saying you're done, That life is pointless, you shouldn't have one.  
Cherishing Yesterday by Lindsey Faith Hoyt   Family means we are together, Even when living far apart.   Memories give us much to hold on to, And delight us to think of what we’ve shared.
this is a poem to my                      Sister                           Alexa who isn't afraid to say what's Real          who has been my Shepherd through the worst times
To whoever dates my baby sister I have been waiting for you My sister is a diamond among pebbles She's kind She’s smart
Many have heroes;I have one too.Her name is Amber Rose.Each day finds her with something new. From 4-H to highland dancing,This girl does it all.She is my best friend,For help, its her I first call.
She’s my rock, my other half, Always there to cheer me up, And make me laugh.   We met in preschool, the year 2001 She thought of me as the weird shy girl I thought of her as happy as the sun.  
I remember when I small And I would ask you for a sleepover for my every birthday Because I wanted to be close to you Because I think I secretly hated living at home
I remember that morning As many as three times a week   And I remember the shrieks   And I remember yelling your name with a question mark  
  Just oneNow how do I chooseWhen The Lord gave me two? Only oneI rely on two,My patience and my strength. A single oneWhy disregard oneWhen the best come in three? A mother.Identical twins.An undivided team.
My sister is called Tanya I don't think I can live without her She gives me advice Especially when I feel I'm under I support her She supports me I can't imagine life without
From dressup with mom’s clothes, Dancing around like popstars, To now doing one another's makeup for prom We are FOREVER SISTERS,
Christina Rossetti said it best when She said, “There is no friend like a sister In calm or stormy weather;” it’s true, I Think, so sit down and relax, dear list’ner, As I describe my kind and brave sister.  
The next logical step, now that I’m on a deserted island, is to kill myself. Plunge into the water and sink onto part of a marine shelf. After all, how long can I last here?
Your smile is so radiant it brings happiness to the blind And when you turn around, mmm i love that behind Your frequent change in hair has me on my feet Your fashion is so creative no one can defeat
Little feet scrambling across hard wood floors Pitter patter of fingers across computer keys Haunting notes of a bow across viola strings Laughing notes of a song to each other across empty space Fresh cookies being carried across the kitchen to s
I am A Sister     A Best Friend,         Family. I am the Oldest.      I am the Middle.         I am the Youngest. I breathe in Board Games,  Books,    Movies.
Standing around with my sisters near Impatiently waiting for summer to get here To go to the beach and get a tan Under the shining sun in the sand  
"Hey it's the twins!" We have our own names I kept telling people But nobody knew us by them I hated it I couldn't stand being identical "No, I'm Courtney..." They'd apologize
Life never was simple. But when I stood at the edge to the bottom, I didn't think That I could make it back.   back to where I was safe, back to where I could live without the fear,
My sister is the person most awesome. She makes me laugh all day, every day. With her nothing but laughter can come. She is hilarious in every single way.   My sister is funny, crazy and kind.
She has the soul of a gentle saint
“she’s my person, she makes my life so honorably awesome.
Every day is another war, Another soul lost Another closed door And at what cost?
Who am I I am me and she is she I am my sista girl’s best friend Down with her to the bitter endI love her no matter what and pass no judgment 
Little sis, your words speak an ungrounded sound.
The girl with the bows in her hair, Absolutely detests it when you stare, She demands “Ama! She look at me!”, Her cherub-faced pout an ill-mannered plea.   The girl with the bows in her hair,
Yes I'm black, that doesn't mean I'm vulnerable to attack, I'm just like you, a human, red blood, emotions and a moving figure,
 My Sisters are Pesky and hilarious You cannot have them  
war, there is war everywhere in Iraq, Syria, and even in the U.S.A, recently there has been an epidemic of police bashing. A seed in Ferguson was shot to death by a police officer, which sent a fire through the field.
I have a little sister. She's 4'10 and has dirty blonde hair that goes past her ears She has blue eyes that look stormy grey a lot of times.
I hide behind no curtain, for it has been ripped from its batten. Red velvet lays athwart the stage, The outskirts are populous with my peers. My soul lays bare and there is no turning back. Here I am,
Black & white Why fight between us human Why racism compare to color ? You might be white or black and nothing difference between us.
I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women. That doesnt make me strong though  This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 
I am more than the box you put me in.
I know the guys always say the same old line. "The makeup compliments your eyes" Honestly your personality compliments your mind you one of a kind. No matter how much makeup you apply you can't never hide what's inside.
Da-dum. Da-dum.
Fresh flesh bleeds upon the ancient grounds of history Flesh that isn't our own Those chunks of human life belong to our brothers and sisters born to delete the wrong doings of war sickened people. They fight.
I just new you where going to be here forever  as a kid  I believed we would always be together when we talked about our future you was always there But now our present is our past's future, and you not even here 
She has my heart What do you expect She is my sister I will always love her
Oreo To think a childhood could reincarnate itself in mockery Oreo that's what they call me Oreo because I'm too black to be white, but not black enough to BE black Oreo
Where are you when the children call? Memories revive at fixed scents. The way your hair swept in the wind. Your hands, delicate and soft objects.   Tell me, how are you nowadays?
Although change upon myself would be lovely,Although change to the faults of the world would be just,
She is innocent and sweet A joy to everyone we meet Wish I could see the world though her eyes   When we sing and when play She brightens up my darkest days I try to see the world through her eyes
Sisterhood its constant bickering pulling hair name calling
one two three around a table cups of tea untouched, going cold tear-stained eyes stare off at nothing faces red and bodies shaking memories their parents making  
  Today is Kierra’s Birthday A day so long ago was praised A day the favorite child was celebrated
  If a boy ever tells you you're beautiful, ask him what he thinks of your heart
If everyone is an actor, to each his own, why do some leae the performance in the first act? One may think a greater one- a Higher Being, if you will, holds the strings. But Look at your hands.  
Never thanked you for making things possible Never apologized for that day I made you cry Never understood what you were trying to say I was truly blind This isn't crap This is real
I have an angel by my side She's the reason I'm still alive She wiped my tears when I would cry She kept me from the dark where I would hide So I will tell you a story thats bloody and true
I've never known fear like the day I found my sister's cuts. When she was younger, she was abused by her peers. It seems like a girl can't be tall  or a little overweight, without being targeted.
  Mother Earth  rejoices hymns of children cradled in branches birthed by her human mothers   Mother Earth rooted in pain endurer of vain bears blessing, sends prayer
I am the older of us three, As I know they look up to me, They try to be like me in every way, Things they hear they think they must say,
Ten little sisters that are all mine,I showed them the desert, now there are nine. Nine little sisters decreasing at a slow rate,I showed them some quicksand, and now there are eight.
some are old, some are new to all of us we will be true brought together from seperate places on earth  we are truly sisters by God, not by birth always in our hearts we will be
I write you this letter as I lay belly-down on the now very faded hammock in our backyard. The same hammock you and I would lay on for hours telling stories and sharing secrets.
Screaming... Yelling... Patience... Squeezing... Pain... Standing Aside... Watching... Feeling Helpless... How can a person sleep through this... Wailing... Aunt looks scared... Hold my hand... "don't TOUCH me!" PUSH... Again... harder...
She had a twin sister of whom no one knew.    She impersonated her through and through. She went to school and lived her life, Bullying everyone, and being bullied with strife.  
She's always there, by my side, keeping up with the pace of my strideShe's always there when I need to cryShe'll be there until the end, my best friendShe makes the world sparkle and glow
Golden amber drips over the supple rising of skin Made crisp by the summer’s sun, droplets catch in the curves of her lashes “Never” floats through the breeze
She won’t listen when I say She’s like me in any way.She thinks she’s independent,but I know she’s not. She thinksShe’s better than me. That mightbe true, but I’ll never admit that.
Father, why me? I know I'm not perfect and I keep making mistakes but is this necessary? I know I didn't appreciate everything at every moment but why me?
Sisters are fun, Sisters are wild.
The days go by, The days do come, Life is nothing without a little fun. Hold me now, Hold me close, Moments like this, i'll cherish the most. My darling, My dear, Sweet young one;
With A pit-pat-pit her feet hit the floor I can hear her travel the house from my room One foot slides along as the other thumps She pauses and I listen. What is she looking for?  
Sestina: A Sister's Farewell     Even on the weekends I find myself at home— Not with friends because being with my sister works. Our stories and adventures, at times, incite tears.
Sestina: A Sister's Farewell     Even on the weekends I find myself at home— Not with friends because being with my sister works. Our stories and adventures, at times, incite tears.
            It’s about making a silly face at each other in the middle of our mom’s discussion.  It’s about traditions.
She’s dead. Throat slit, Wrists cut, Mouth gagged. Dead. We took you into our home when you needed it. We helped you get a job. We saved you.
If all the world had sisters like I had sisters The fair and the sweet and the wild, (and that strange thing I call Humphry) They'd be luckier than anyone deserves to be. The fair with her voice like chiming silver
To My Little Sisters: After so long, The wait is finally over. It’s official! I am a big sister To the two of you.
I promised to protect you- to never let you down. But we've been separated for so long- I can still see your frown. Gone I am, and like this I shall stay.
(poems go here) They did the work we didn’t want to do We could not be in the same room It was illegal for them to have a say If they even tried it was almost like they were thrown away This went on for 400 years
Shuffled by, Tossed and tied up without a bat of an eye Thrusted into a life that was unseen Depicted less of our mean Voice unheard, some sort of strangled silence
Shuffled by, Tossed and tied up without a bat of an eye Thrusted into a life that was unseen Depicted less of our mean Voice unheard, some sort of strangled silence
I see what your scared of, that thing inside that you want, the burning fire, te desire for change, you thought you could do it alone but your just one, thats what the doubters say,
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
The riders are teachers, The marchers are leaders, The man they all look too, Is a Baptist preacher. She sat in a chair, Not willing to share, To stand for her rights, Without being compared.
Some say ignorance is bliss, but I dare to disagree; I say ignorance is what the eyes are afraid to see. On the outside you may think these people are friends through whatever;
I've seen my people enslaved by these monsters I haven't seen them escape very far Still trapped by their masters, or the ones that claim they are And they've been hypnotized by those damn cars
Why won’t it change color? I try so hard To scrub off the darkness That will never go away It brings so much trouble and shame They stare at “it” Define me through “it” But I am more than that
Silence sweeps over the cotton fields of present day Georgia As gentle winds tickle the cypress and the pine. Streams ebb contently in their beds. Who would have thought in such a beautiful place,
I had a dream, he had a gun. I asked if I could sit, they asked if I could run. Without justice there is no peace, they say “I have justice so is there peace?”
In today's world, we hear about the civil rights movements in history class. We think, "that was so long ago, does it even matter now?" Most teens only think about our country now, not it's past.
This is a Rise^ For All of Those who have Died in order to keep the Living Hope Alive This a Rise^ For All of those who wear a disguise There's no need to hide
Oreos. Zebras. There are jokes about both That are funny to even the most welcoming of people. When two races mix, Two races so different as black and white, literally, Judgment is passed,
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