Sestina: A Sister's Farewell&

Tue, 06/25/2013 - 00:27 -- aysellm


Sestina: A Sister's Farewell



Even on the weekends I find myself at home—

Not with friends because being with my sister works.

Our stories and adventures, at times, incite tears.

The tears leave trails on our cheeks that reveal how often we laugh.

We are two daring girls with excited, gleaming faces.

We enjoy creating pranks, and at night we laugh aloud.


Though we sometimes get mad or do things that aren’t allowed,

Our animosity disappears when we are together at home.

Our apologies can turn into simple smiles on our faces.

As we go out again, we create time-consuming games that will work

And creatively spend time together until we return home laughing

As the dew from the wet grass slowly falls down our legs like teardrops.


Even if it’s raining, we will play inside as our windows collect the rain’s tears,

But we’ll slowly refuse to make actions that aren’t allowed.

I will be focused on my studies, and it will be rare to hear our loud laughs.

At a spontaneous moment, I will be applying to colleges and new homes.

Our adventures will turn into intellectual conversations and work.

Turning into an adult will lead to responsibility I will need to face.


Then the day will arrive when we won’t be face to face.

I’ll be packed as our eyes fill with bittersweet tears.

Growing accustomed to this new change will be hard work—

Especially because coming with me will not be allowed. 

I will have my computer to connect me back home;

We’ll send emails and have video chats to continue our laughter.


After a few weeks, I’ll find friends who will make me laugh.

They will all be unique people with gleaming faces.

Once we become friends, my dorm will finally feel like home,  

And my eyes will forget the sensation of releasing sad tears.

In the day, I’ll be studying; at night, I’ll be laughing aloud.

My days will have a healthy balance of freedom and college work.


Amongst all the changes and hours of work,

I’ll always be reminded of the memories of us laughing.

I’ll miss us dancing at night even if we’re not allowed.

I’ll remember sending you funny Snapchat pictures.

The nostalgia will appear, but I’ll force back my tears,

And, regardless of my fun, new life, I’ll always miss being at home.


Even though we can’t scream at each other aloud, our phones will still work.

Whenever we result in laughing, we will feel like we’re together at home.

We’ll always reconcile with our same, gleaming faces; Our friendship will never tear. 



This is a poem I wrote to my sister after I was admitted to UC San Diego. I will be moving out, and she and I are really close to one another. I know it will be difficult for us to not live together anymore since we are each other's best friend, but I feel like this poem will help express how I feel and create a smoother transition into my new life--away from my family. 


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