Time for Equality


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(poems go here) They did the work we didn’t want to do
We could not be in the same room
It was illegal for them to have a say
If they even tried it was almost like they were thrown away
This went on for 400 years
Until they decided to face their fears
All across the country blacks and whites tried to save the race
People had to stop judging blacks based on their face
Segregation was to be no more
All that wanted it gone were thrown to the floor
They just tried and tried and tried
So black people no longer had to be fried
The hate had to stop
It was their turn to do more than just mop
After years and years of fighting
They were all given the right to learn to start writing
Thanks to that blacks and whites can be friends
Thank you America for making amends

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I am so glad that the civil rights act happened because one of my really good friends is black and if the civil rights act wouldn't have happened we probably would not be friends today

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