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She had a twin sister of whom no one knew.   

She impersonated her through and through.

She went to school and lived her life,

Bullying everyone, and being bullied with strife.


She received letters anonymously sent, 

Threatening her life until she bent.

They knew her lies and knew her secret

And she truly knew they would not keep it.


She searched and searched finding only dead ends,

Until she realized what the letters penned.

Each letter she received neared her murder

And when she screamed only one had heard her.


Her friends were close but the truth they knew not.

They trusted her and told her a lot.

Ther friendship was based on the secrets they shared 

Not knowing it was the root of the weight they beared. 


After her death her friends received letters

Signed by He who knew a lot better.

He killed and saved and lied and hurt.

He was relentless, He knew all the dirt.


One by one He tortured them all

Using their secrets too lead them to their fall.

The Liars grew weary, the liars grew scared.

But overall angry, their teeth they beared.


Combining their strengths they overpowered their foe

Revealing their enemy, then releasing their woe.

One by one the liars went home

Knowing their minds would no longer roam.



dark, captivating poem. im going to be thinking of its meaning for a while


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