Stand with me you'll never stand alone


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I see what your scared of,
that thing inside that you want, the burning fire,
te desire for change,
you thought you could do it alone but your just one,
thats what the doubters say,
thats what the wanna be do gooders say,
i have the same fire deep in my heart,
stand with me you'll never stand alone,
with each other together we can be change the world,
they stare at us from the shadows,
at least thats what i thought but really were the shadows,
full shadow, part shadow, half shadow,
if your even a drop of shadow your a shadow like me,
back seat, back of the bus,
your side my side,
why not just one side?
at one point a shadow becomes a ray of light,
come and join me in this fight,
all the shadows in the sun become what we want and what we need,
i don't need to sit and plead,
what i want is the same as you,
but the others just look through,
stand with me you'll never stand alone,
one day we'll have our own kingdom and throne,
where there is no back seat, no your side and mine,
the taste of freedom much better than wine,
all we need is what doesn't exist,
the fight for the right to truly exist,
the right to live and thrive as one,
alone just a shadow,
together a change,
so stand with me you'll never stand alone,
one day we'll share a kingdom and throne.

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