The Twins

Mon, 01/25/2016 - 14:55 -- cevi225

"Hey it's the twins!"

We have our own names

I kept telling people

But nobody knew us by them

I hated it

I couldn't stand being identical

"No, I'm Courtney..."

They'd apologize

I know I'm my own person

But it didn't occur to me until I turned 16

It wasn't her fault

We just happened to look the same

A best friend

An annoying sister

Always in your buisness

Always having your back

Going through the same things

At the same time

I didn't realize how lucky I was

I've always been 'Courtney'

But I've also always been 'Keiley's sister'

And 'the other twin' too

I don't resent our similarities anymore

I miss seeing her

Now states apart at college

Seeing each other on the holidays

Occasional phone calls

Catching up

It makes me miss being 'the twins' daily

It makes me miss seeing my best friend every morning

She is my rock

Unwavering support holding me up

When times are good

Or when times are rough

My inspiration to work harder

To get good grades like her

To become just as passionate about my future as her

Yes, I'm Courtney

But instead of being just Courtney

I want to be some Keiley too

This poem is about: 
My family


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