Thank You. I'm Sorry. I Understand.

Never thanked you for making things possible

Never apologized for that day I made you cry

Never understood what you were trying to say

I was truly blind

This isn't crap

This is real

This is me thanking you for all the things you do

This is my apology for bringing tears to your eyes

This is an understanding of what you were trying to say

To my mother thank you for being there

I'm sorry for making you cry

I'm sorry for being ungrateful

To my brothers thank you for being my protectors

I'm sorry for all the trouble i brought

To my sisters thank you for being my friends

I'm sorry for all the drama I caused

My family,

I'm sorry for not understanding what you do for me

Thank you for everything you did while I was in the dark

Now I can look up into the light

Now I can truly see what I couldn't before

Thanks to you I'm no longer blind



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