Judged in the Nation of Freedom


United States
34° 21' 45.7596" N, 117° 17' 28.05" W

Oreos. Zebras.
There are jokes about both
That are funny to even the most welcoming of people.
When two races mix,
Two races so different as black and white, literally,
Judgment is passed,
Even in a modern society,
Where racism was supposed to end
Many years ago.
How can be people be so heartless?
So cruel and cold?
And not accept the colored race
When it is the same as the white skinned people?
Is a child of color is the same as a child without?
When you walk down the street,
And a colored little girl has the look of hunger in her eyes,
And sadness in her soul,
Gives you the look, that stares into your heart,
That begs you for food and warmth,
How can you say no to her?
How can you refuse to give a starving child food?
Lincoln was supposed to take care of this;
He was supposed to have set the blacks free,
And Mr. King was supposed to have given his race
The same acceptance as whites,
But look at where we’ve come today.
Think about yourself.
Think of how you would react to a colored child begging
And to a child of white skin begging.
You want to say that you would give the colored child food
Just as generously as you would give to the white one.
Would you though?
Are you saying you wouldn’t hesitate to give the black one money?
Put yourself in that situation.
Imagine the busy street you’re walking,
As you see the two children of opposite colors,
Look at you with those gaunt eyes.
Who would you give too?
Even if you paused for just a second,
You are evidence of the ongoing racism in our free nation.
And what would happen when you realize,
That those two little girls are in fact
From the same mother and same father,
One girl born free, and the other judged when she made her way out of the womb;
Would you put yourself in the colored girl’s torn up shoes,
And think of what it is like to grow up in a world
Where people always like your sister more than you,
Before either of your personalities are known?

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