Do you see What the Children See?


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Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare,
Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there,
Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
Weaving through thrashing waves, managing over mutilated canvas that now lay,
She halts, and locks his unrecognizable expression in her wide gaze,
“Please, stop and listen,” she whispers, no more than the height of a man’s knees,
Yet her sweet voice travels and there silence begins to creep,
“Go home, Grace, for you know nothing of this bastard’s sinful device.”
“What is it, father? For color cannot be his only crime,”
The man remains purse lipped, he presenting no words for the child,
Little Grace Sighs, “Come father, come see what the children see,”

An angel, she walks on air,
Leading her father, but other men also, of blacks, browns and whites, they all follow her there,
Her tiny fingers graze the fields golden strands,
The men are silent, close behind, hearing a tune begin to covet the land,
She halts, her dimples prominent and eyes above ground,
The men follow her gaze, mouths open in awe at the harmonizing sights and sounds,
Bubbly laughter circulates a tranquil atmosphere, hands of contrast clasp as one,
color not an object, but love.

“What do you see?” Grace smiles,
“I-I see them, they be so free,”
“What do you see?” Grace repeats,
“I see happiness,” another man hisses, he who had been silent for a while,
“What do you see?” Grace asks,
“They’re holding hands and getting along,” another man breathes,
All but one had answered the child’s request,
“Father what do you see?” Grace asks,
In the dimming horizon, the sun gleams, captivating the tears of the man which had fallen down his cheek,
“What have I done? What have we done?” he hushes, eyes washed of all crossness, now left crystalline,
“Do you see what the children see?”
“Yes, we are brothers and sisters all alike, created to be strong together, never to fight, for god created us to all be one, here on earth and in our joined heaven above. For now, for now we must learn to love, to live and to breathe, to hug and to cry, for we are brothers and sisters all alike. I see what the children see, such children, younger than I, together, my brothers and sisters, we must unite.”

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