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Chicano pride. My cultura. A beautiful race of color.Mi raza. Mi casa.  My raza.
Steam pours from thin shoulders Dimly lit, white tile reflecting moonlight Beams hit my skin Slowly, ever so gentle, Revealing to me a world both unknown and a truth that scalds 
All men are created equal Creator Unalienable rights Repeated injuries Tyranny Justice Voice of justice Free and independent states Protection of Divine Providence Sacred honor
We have rails from one end to the other Metal bands around the heart of America But it is an artery or vein Bringing life and freshness to stagnant places Though it brought us life We don't need it anymore
Red for sacrificial blood White for God-given purity Blue for Heaven's royalty And we are the stars We are saved by the blood We are made pure We are made royal We are the stars
We are great and strong We have the bear, the Mighty Grizzly Takes five shots to kill Thunders like a raging storm Mauls with the weight of a falling boulder Can face the river and stay steady
Thundering clambering beating bumbling Creatures Not dainty deer in an English wood Buffalo Buffalo driving the prairie to mud Drinking the streams Tearing up the grass Like they will be torn up
Statue, o woman of faith and freedom Stand as a bulwark in the water Inviting us to join The masses of people In the land of immigrants Statue, whom will you harbor?
We've had an invasion Blazing horns Glaring lights Rocketing music The city has risen Farewell to the pastoral Now it is skyscrapers Blocking the moon and my stars
Good day, sirs Why do you sit, And stare at South Dakota's Brilliant turquoise skies? I wonder what you see I wonder what you would say If you could really see us now
Warm family meal Amidst the chill of autumn Cinnamon and nutmeg Christmas in a crust Don't eat too much Or it loses its magic Of holding your taste buds In warm, soft, sweet, juiciness
I started off so timid and shy. Conformity, humility.
I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when I discovered I was Mexican Of course, I always knew But snippets of realization Sprinkled into my lifetime of 16 years
I’m an American, through and through, but an American with a hyphen too.   An ode to my culture, customs, and ethnic ties, yet critics say my hyphen divides, causes racial tension,
You know...... It's f*cked up when you realize that every adjective that describes you has to be justified and equalized through a movement. From women's rights, to civil rights, and gay rights,
Long exposure trees and shadows   Freaky black things Looking Beautiful   diamonds against red and blue green
When the luminous rays of the fireball so many miles away just glistens off of your brown skin...   It often forces the mind to wander to distant sacred places that can only be found within...  
At Last   Once upon a time There lived an average girl. She was Asian and American. She excelled in high school, And didn’t care for school. She made them proud, her parents.
My heart bleeds stars but the blood is striped, and my heart pulses with war hymns and psalms  dripping with Betsy's fears  Instead to cover vets like newspaper blankets  
I am proud of America. I am proud to live in a land of rights for all. I am proud to follow in the footsteps of those who came before.  
America! land of the free. But why does the freedom in my hands look different than yours? The equation does not equal. One will never equal none. I look in the mirror and see myself, just like you.
Two souls live in my body One has endless American pride The other likes to hide American I am called by brilliance Mexican by my appearnce Land of the free and of the brave is for the snobby
Hello, I’m not a coon or a savage And I don’t live in the projects or eat chicken and watermelons for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No, I don’t live on the “block” and sell dope.
She is beauty She is dreams She holds misogyny  Hoping for a better life it seems   She talks to everyone Discusses their ideas and desires The only offspring with a say is the son
Greetings America You're a great sport I supposed you're egotistic and somewhat rather strange I like that you're diverse although you're not all there at a time I hate the crimes that made you great 
Lovely that we get to live here.                                      Grateful for the hard work of someone else,                               For Chance
Bang! Another one down  A black main lies helpless on the ground People look and record with nothing to do  One reaches for their phone then another then two She falls next to him with tears in her eyes
Gold Diamond rich with them carats Bold red lips and them plastics Gold Blood dripping it's a classic American Dream......
someone once told me that I matteruntil I multiply myself times the speed of lightthen I am energywhen I merge with he who mattersit becomes synergyit becomes clear to methat words mean nothing
The Liberty Bell ringing loud and clear Is the sound of independence Reminding me that I am free.   The red, white, and blue of Old Glory Waving in the wind Is a symbol of freedom
My American psycho likes to kiss. My American psycho likes me to be his. My American psycho needs me to love him. My American psycho is so stupid.   He has a dark, dark soul.
What Crevecoeur said about America being a melting pot is true! My teachers and mentors say that is more like a stew. However let me prove it to you For once I explain then I can tell you my troubles
The Skin I’m in The Skin I’m in doesn’t mean I am covered in sin Or that I am corrupt from within born into a life of violence and rage. That because of my skin tone I am an animal uncaged.  
If I said I was a leader would you follow. If I said I was inspiring would you listen.If I said I was a Christian would you believe me.
They call us thieves - filthy, hungry, bean-eating wetback thieves. They look at our brown skin and sneer. But they do not know who we really are.
war, there is war everywhere in Iraq, Syria, and even in the U.S.A, recently there has been an epidemic of police bashing. A seed in Ferguson was shot to death by a police officer, which sent a fire through the field.
Black & white Why fight between us human Why racism compare to color ? You might be white or black and nothing difference between us.
I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women. That doesnt make me strong though  This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 
Hated onAnd beat uponBecause the way they live Is "wrong" Who are you to take the role Go and take another's soul
I am more than the box you put me in.
I know the guys always say the same old line. "The makeup compliments your eyes" Honestly your personality compliments your mind you one of a kind. No matter how much makeup you apply you can't never hide what's inside.
Everyday is the same as yesterday I fight to be a new me but it always flees The chance to change my families name itches at my mind That new me must come up and rise
There's a lot of pressure in this world. This crazy-ass, city-and-sas world. But hell, it ain't real. Gotta listen to a real man every once in a while...   He's a hard workin', head turnin',
The sun beats down Hot on her pale neck As she pauses and brushes away A single droplet of sweat Not a cloud to be seen Nor a breeze to be felt As she adjusts her sleeves And tightens her belt
To some, everything comes naturally. Money, fame, is recieved upon birth. I am not one of those people. My parents are not famous, nor are they rich. We originate from Colombia, the land of Cocaine.
A passion is a longing, A deep down tug or sorts, That pulls and guides you every day, To new mountain tops and new ports.   My passion is very special, It involves all of you,
The Dream Society has expectations for you Go finish college
From the outside looking inI spy the winds have changed,Through the window I seeAll the things deranged.  
i wonder who it could be that would want me for me who could include my faults in whats best of me why cant i see when will he show its been a dream of mine he holds the key
Hello, my name is "Chinese" "Japanese" "Dirty knees" "Look at these" "Criss cross" "Apple sauce" "Do me a favor and get lost"  
No father mother here  but really there   I am here but really   where?   nature or really nurture?
The true American experience Is like a tree.                                                                       As we come together we Grow tall and strong. Our roots are buried deep in our rich
Welcome to Chicanos- r-us We service all of your needs Will school principals go to isle 12? We still have a few janitors here Desperate for a job Yes, they are Mexican Ready for their graveyard shift
I'm sorry, I hadnt realized that correct grammar and proper English was only something one race could doMy mother never told me I had to talk in slang, incomplete sentences, & silly colloquial speech 
Everytime I look at a paper it has: Black, White, Chinese, Indian, etc... Why can't it just say American? I don't want to be labeled as those things, I'm not black, I'm not white, I'm just an American.
I slowly walk home day after day— taking in the sounds of strangers. Men and women—that spend their lives in a constant hurry, a constant mess, a constant disarray. Living for the American Dream,
His game was astronomical  This young boy who loved to hunt In the underbrush of the forest sun halve past twelve A fox appeared ahead Golden fur and bright brown eyes 
It’s kinda funny sometimes When I’m chatting online with my friends Ranting about the immigrant child life Trying to make my case to those who don’t understand   Funny because all my messages Come out
First day of kindergarden, the promise of new things. Proud parents with tears in their eyes, let go of the tiny hand. Child comes to the table as the bank page, eager to learn. School years go by, like seasons turned,
Though my skin is white, I still have to fight. For education, equality, acceptance. I promise I'm bright. Actually, I'm Hispanic, but you couldn't tell by my skin. Call myself hispanic, and it's considered a sin.
Six a.m. Alarm goes off Hit snooze And again And again Brush teeth Wash face Dress to impress Black coffee Out the door
It’s This system I’m stuck in inescapable, impossible to win. Sitting for hours, blood pooling in the brain, Make my senses go numb, but leaves me the shame Of which they have none- But require you to feel,
Two parts of me Clash at each other Fighting to be the very best To win over the other The race to space Or battle of government From the White House to the Red Square Uncle Sam versus Mother Russia
Liberty, who may define this subtle word, our governing persuaders, you or me? Surely one may elucidate Liberty as freedom, distant of a governed control, an empowerment of choice and thought, backed by moral notions. Is this claim too absurd?
We have been living amongst a misconception Misconceived by those who decided to create the title “Black History Month” Now I understand this title was created to celebrate historical figures
Through mushy puddles she wears a tranquil stare, Brows furrowed in ambition of getting there, Little steps, one by one, growing distant from the restrictions of mother’s arms,
I am an American For my blood helped build this country It was this blood that grew crops and weaved the clothes on the moon's back The moon would be nothing without the sun to graze it's face
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